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Major Guilds

The Valyrian Freehold (VAL)


The Valyrian Freehold is one of the oldest guilds on CorsairCraft, and is also the current largest. With multiple cities and dozens of members, Valyria is involved in most of Corsair's affairs and overall history, and continues to grow daily. The guild was formed on November 11th, 2021 by Khaleesi, and its main settlement is the capital city of Meereen, in the heart of the main continent. Valyria is known for its monthly tournaments that include jousting, horse racing, sumo-wrestling, and spleef, which are often open to every guild. Valyria has participated in many wars and overall events, and its motto is "Fire & Blood".

The Aurelian Empire (AUR)


The Aurelian Empire is one of the most prominent nations on the corsair realm. It was founded by The Hinokami Brothers, The Farshore Duo, and the mystical Jackalope Jen.
Aliases: The empire of Gold, Imperium Aurelianum, Aurelia

The Republic of Escaria (ROE)


The Republic of Escaria is a Guild inhabiting the West Seas. It was founded by Admiral Dewi following his breakaway from the Valyrian Freehold. While the Guilds origin lies in war and deceit, nowadays it's members are mostly made up of Traders and Builders. It is ruled by its Lord Protectors Admiral Dewi and Mercator Paurini, each Governing one of the Provinces that make up the republic: The Province of Segalond on
Seagull Island to the north and the Province of Euthlond to the South.

The Kingdom of Shroom (FUNGI)


The Kingdom of Shroom is the historiographical name given to various political entities of Fungi. It exists among several powerful states in the Western Ocean and is situated in Barren Cove, from which the Mycelium Triumvirate rules Shroomian territories. While the state is often referred to as a Kingdom, it is not ruled as a monarch, and is instead headed by a Triumvirate consisting of three powerful noble lords who hold almost all power.

The Mycelium Triumvirate has adopted a strict foreign policy stance of armed neutrality that started with the Attack on Barren Cove in 1799. In more recent times, the Mycelium Triumvirate has ordered an expansion of the Mycelium Navy, as belligerents have regularly attempted to intimidate the Kingdom and place demands on it.

tokyo manji (TM)


Tokyo Manji is a group of people from the guild TA. Tokyo Manji is the combined use of the "highranks" of TA. the guild was started by the players .lastofasd and Titan08_cz these two players joined because of the player yt_mikey appearing on corsaircraft. Titan08_cz and .lastofasd invites more people to join there force on the corsaircraft. such as .imbusyinnit, 3ripleJ and vixxcyzz.

Guild List

Guilds with players that are not all banned (as of 08.07.2022)
Ticker Full Name Member Count Leaders Motto
VAL Valyrian Freehold 77 Khaleesi ; Solembus13 ; Enderzalt Fire & Blood
AUR Aurelia 39 Ryuuichi Aurelia Aeternum Est
UA The United Alethkar 14 IqarosQ ; RedRanjer09 ; T0ED
EAC El Amigo Cartel 13 Gqldn ; John Moses Browning ; Godzilla_900 ; GingfulGlider
ROE Republic of Escaria 12 AdmiralDewi; Mercatore Paurini
TM tokyo manji 11 Vixxcyzz
TLK The Last Crusaders 11 Palpourheal
PATC PortAviliciaTradingCompany 10 goodroach
SE Silver Empire 9 J_H_Rogers
MOI Moist 9 MoistP
MONK Monkey 7 Not_Racist
CULT The God Hand 6 uarehere
FUNGI Kingdom of Shroom 5 Nico Semsrott ; M0th ; Lord Michael Briggs
POC Pirates_of_Chaos 4 .Kou Oku
MDM McDoublesMercs 3 thegrimsalter
COOL Cowboys 2 magicmoose2022
NRWHL The Nahrwahl Syndicate 1 Astrobolt
VHA The Vanaheim Alliance 1 IanDaTank
ECL The Lordship of Eclipse Island 1 Lord Morghulis

Former or Future Guilds, other groups

- The Endorien Empire was on of the first guilds to populate the server. In its page, a somewhat detailed history of its rise and demise.