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Republic of Escaria
Coat of arms:
Foundation: 1799
Leader: Admiral Dewi / Mercatore Paurini

The Republic of Escaria is one of the oldest Guilds on Corsaircraft. It inhabits islands to the West of the main continent.



The Republic of Escaria was founded in February 1799 after AdmiralDewi's broke away from the Valyrian Freehold, after controversies concerning his assassination by fellow Valyrians. After its formation, the Republic was joined by T0ED and Doggy, who became the first captains of Escaria. The following month, the city of Euthlond was established by Dewi, and construction begun.

The First Escarian-Valyrian war

Contextually, war was declared on Valyria and a months-long conflict begun. Neither side was capable of striking a decisive attack, until a large raid was prepared against the Valyrian Capital, Mereen. The two Escarian captains, T0ED and Kingdoggy_. the fallen one, yt_mikey who led the attack and were able to slay the Valyrian leader, Khaleesi. Her sword was stolen and taken back to Euthlond where soon disaster struck.

Greedy captains and stolen swords

The two captains argued over who should hold onto the sword. Lord Protector Dewi intentions were to hold onto the artifact, awaiting for a Valyrian ransom. However, greed diverted the two captains from Dewi's plans, and they slew each other until warnings by Lord Protector Dewi were issued. The two captains, defiant, plotted to destroy him. In the night, whilst he was asleep, they sacked and pillaged Euthlond before fleeing into the far west.

The Second Escarian-Valyrian war

This was not the end for the Republic. Dewi worked hard to improve Euthlond and soon more warriors joined him as the second war against Valyria began. A raid on the Valyrian port successfully captured three warships which were used for Escarian expeditions across the globe. The ships were subsequently retaken by Valyrian forces. Dewi's tactic then changed, as they decided to estabilish vanguard regiments deep into Valyrian lands, achieving a great success by forcing Valyria into a defensive stance. In order to exploit the military momentum, Escaria requested peace, accorded with the terms that Escarians could use all Valyrian pathways.

In May, after the establishment of Andelin, not far south of Euthlond, a set of short conflicts began. First, Valyrians issued an ocean raid on Euthlond. The Valyrian raid was a partial success and was followed by an Escarian raid, that supposedly reclaimed all that was stolen.

The Great Split

Since May, the cities of Segalond and Raynir had been established, and the Republic was rapidly expanding. The Lord Protector assigned the role of Admiral to Mercatore Paurini and IqarosQ.

However, this period of bliss was only short-lived. Leading up to August 6th 1799, calls for elections arose, driven by the Admiral IqarosQ, who critizised AdmiralDewi's weak standing with the other guilds, which led to difficulties in outside trade relations. At this point of Escarian history, a large majority of the Escarian population lived in the Province of Raynir, governed by IqarosQ. The negotioations for a new form of government were however not fruitful, and even though a vote of no confidence was held, the decision of the provinces of Raynir under IqarosQ and Andelin under RedRanjer09 to withdraw from the Republic where already made. Hence, on the eve of August 6th 1799, the two provinces withdrew from the Republic of Escaria and, together with the city of Tyrosh, ruled by T0ed, The United Alethkar was formed.

Following the incident, Mercatore Paurini, Lord of Segalond and second in Commmand to Lord Protector AdmiralDewi, was made Lord Protector and will henceforth be ruling what remains of the Republic.

Historical Accounts

The Offical Notice of Withdrawal from IqarosQ, Lord of Raynir

My council have spoken and a vote has been taken. After talking with Red and other members of Andelin, Raynir will be withdrawing from the Republic of Escaria. We hope to continue good relations and will keep you in mind for favourable trade. it has been an honour serving, good luck and fair winds.

As thelandtime101, a citizen of Raynir, put it:

After calls for an election started to arise in the Republic of Escaria,

The Tyrant demanded an explanation and refused to relinquish his powers After explaining that his choices and moves against other nations had compromised the position of some of the members states The Tyrant allowed the election, and Banished members who voted against his rule Effect of Immediately, and as Voted on by the High Council of both Raynir, and Andelin, The Republic of Escaria is dissolved. Hence Forth, Andelin, Raynir and Tyrosh are to unify under the banner of the United Alethkar. This nation built on the ideals broken by the defunct Republic of Escaria. The Representatives, RedRanjer, IquarosQ, and T0ED, are entrusted to lead the United Alethkar in it's infant stages.

For freedom, for Liberty, long may we sail the sea and the sky.

(here, thelandtime101 falsly claims that the Republic of Escaria had been dissolved. However only ties between the two provinces and Escaria had been dissolved)


After the Great Split, the remnants of the Republic, even if scattered, prevailed. Construction on the trade post of Cresta at the southern end of the West Seas began.

Internal Structure

The Republic of Escaria is a Federal Republic which is devided into Provinces, each with their own government. The Governors of each of these Provinces form the Government of the Republic, which is headed by th two Lord Protectors.

Outside Relations

The Republic of Escaria is Allied to the Kingdom of Shroom

Provinces and other Settlements




Other settlements


Former Provinces




The Escarian Navy uses the Prefix ENS (Escarian Navy Ship). Provinces may use their own Prefixes, such as RS (Raynir Ship)

Active Ships

ENS Mercatore

ENS Republic

ENS Indigo

Former ships

ENS Paurini

Noteable Members

Active Members


- Founder of the Republic of Escaria - Lord Protector of the Republic of Escaria - Lord of Euthlond

Mercatore Paurini

- Lord Protector of the Republic of Escaria - Admiral of the Segalond Navy - Lord of Segalond

Former Members


- Admiral of Raynir Navy - Lord of Raynir


  • The National Animal of Escaria is the Wolf
  • The structure of ROE is loosely based on the Dutch Republic