ENS Paurini

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The ENS Paurini shortly after its completion

The ENS Paurini is a Frigate build by Mercatore Paurini in July of 1799 in the harbour of Segalond. In August of 1799 it was stolen by Lil craft and is now in the possession of the Valyrian Freehold.


The ENS Paurini is a two-masted Frigate equipped with both 18 coal guns and a large cargo hold and a cargo crane. It was designed to be a hybrid between a warship and a trade vessel. The ship's sails are brown, which was mainly due to a lack of white wool in Segalond at the time of its construction.

Service History

Since it's construction the ENS Paurini was used as the personal Flagship of Mercatore Paurini. During that time it completed several exploration missions, including circumnavigating the main continent. Additionally, it was used on several trade runs within and around the Republic of Escaria.

In August of 1799, the ship was stolen and brought to the Harbour of Katzenburg, which is part of the Valyrian Freehold, by Lil_craft. Since then the ship has been largely out of use.


The ENS Paurini never participated in active combat.


The Design of the ENS Paurini was largely based on the Schooner from the video game "Anno 1800"