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The City of Segalond
The City from above:
Foundation: June 1799
Guild: Republic of Escaria
Owner: Mercatore Paurini

Segalond is Province within the Republic of Escaria. It's Governor, builder and (currently) sole inhabitant is Mercatore Paurini.


Segalond was founded in June of 1799 by Mercatore Paurini. The Town started as a single Building, "The Citadel", (now the "Segalond Citadel"), rapidly expanding in the following weeks. Later that month, Segalond also became a Province of the Republic of Escaria.

Though encompassing an Inn, a Brewery. a Blacksmith and several other buildings, as of August 1799 Paurini was still the sole Inhabitant.


Segalonds economy lies mostly in agriculture, mostly melons, sugarcane and cacoa. However it is also expanding into Enchanted books, Villager-grade equipment and Brews. Segalond is developing to be a major trade hub in the West Seas and is the core of the Republic of Escarias trade empire.


So far Segalond has never been under Attack or under threat of attack. Regardless, it has defensive fortifications along the sea and a thick stone wall surrounding the cities center.


Active Ships

ENS Mercatore
The ENS Mercatore is a Sea Freighter build by Mercatore Paurini in August of 1799. It is currently used as a trade Clipper and is the Flagship of the Navy of Segalond.

ENS Segalond
The ENS Segalond is a small, single mast, Frigate equipped with two front-facing cannons. So far it has only been used for trading.

Former ships

ENS Paurini
The ENS Paurini is a Frigate build by Mercatore Paurini in July of 1799. In August of 1799 it was stolen by Lil craft and is now in the possession of the Valyrian Freehold.

ENS Indigo
The ENS Indigo, named after its blue sails, was a small Frigate stolen by Mercatore Paurini on one of his earlier voyages. It was Sunken by Lil_craft when he raided the Segalond harbour and stole the ENS Paurini.

Noteable Citizens