Mercatore Paurini

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Mercatore Paurini of Segalond
Mercatore Paurini.png
Date of birth: 1799
Guild: ROE
Home: Segalond - The Citadel
Ingame Skin:
Mercatore PauriniSKIN.png

Mercatore Paurini, also known as Fear or Feed is a Lord Protector of the Republic of Escaria and the Governor of Segalond


Mercatore Paurini came to the CorsairCraft world in June 1799. Soon after, he started construction on the city of Segalond and joned the Republic of Escaria, where he quickly climbed the ranks and became an Admiral and second in command to the Lord Protector Admiral Dewi.

In August of the same year, after the Provinces of Andelin and Raynir seceeded from the Republic of Escaria, Paurini became Lord Protector alongside AdmiralDewi

Guild History

Republic of Escaria

  • Lord Protector of the Republic of Escaria
  • Admiral of the Segalond Navy
  • Lord of Segalond

Notable Involvments

Mercatore Paurini was not involved in any major battles or wars. However, he is known to be one of the most notable historians of his time, having written much of the stories around the CorsairCraft World.


Mercatore Paurini is the owner and builder of

He also built the ENS Paurini, which was later stolen from him by lil craft.