Kingdom of Shroom

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Kingdom of Shroom
1799 — present

"All returns to the Soil"
Capital: Barren Cove
Government: Mycelium Triumvirate
Religion: Disciples of the Shroom

The Kingdom of Shroom is the historiographical name given to various political entities of Fungi. It exists among several powerful states in the Western Ocean and is situated in Barren Cove, from which the Mycelium Triumvirate rules Shroomian territories. While the state is often referred to as a Kingdom, it is not ruled as a monarch, and is instead headed by a Triumvirate consisting of three powerful noble lords who hold almost all power.

The Mycelium Triumvirate has adopted a strict foreign policy stance of armed neutrality that started with the Attack on Barren Cove in 1799. In more recent times, the Mycelium Triumvirate has ordered an expansion of the Mycelium Navy, as belligerents have regularly attempted to intimidate the Kingdom and place demands on it.


Attack on Barren Cove

The Attack on Barren Cove was a surprise military strike conducted by the Aurelian Empire upon the newly established Mycelium Triumvirate against a naval settlement on Friday, 30 June, 1799. The Kingdom of Shroom was a neutral nation at the time; the attack led to a reform of its military and foreign policy the next day, shifting its focus to armed neutrality.

Allegedly, the Aurelian Empire intended the attack as a preventive action, citing that the Mycelium Triumvirate had taken steps to establish itself as a protectorate of the Valyrian Empire, but these claims were denied by members of the Triumvirate. The naval settlement was attacked by air and sea forces from the Aurelian Empire in a single wave. The Mycelium Navy had been officially established days before the attack, and was unable to resist the Aurelian assault in any effective manner.

Important settlement installations such as power beacons, dry docks, storage and other facilities were largely unharmed by the Aurelian attack. The attack led to a fundamental change in Mycelium relations with Aurelia, leading them to be more wary of foreign powers. The lack of historical precedents for the unannounced military action, and a lack of any formal warning, led Mycelium head figures such as Lord Michael Briggs to claim that the attack was a war crime.

The day after the attack, Lord Captain Nico Semsrott opened negotiations with the Aurelian Empire, demanding reparations for the attack and a formal apology, both of which were delivered by the Aurelian Empire on the same day. This essentially revived Mycelium and Aurelian relations to pre-attack levels. The attack led to widespread criticism and condemnation from other global powers, such as the Valyrian Empire and the Republic of Escaria.


The Kingdom of Shroom is heavily influenced by a religious order known as the Mycelium Order, which is the official state religion of the Kingdom of Shroom. Traditionally, members of the Mycelium Triumvirate and other governmental organizations have been devout members of the Mycelium Order, and the two are heavily intertwined.