Lord Morghulis

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Lord Morghulis of Eclipse Island
Lord Morghulis.png
Date of birth: 18 EE
Guild: ECL

Lord Morghulis is the current Lord of Eclipse Island. He is the former Emperor of Endorin and former captain of the Endorien Trading Company. He is the creator and upkeeper of the Corsairmap.

He is formerly known as HaloBearer.


All dates in this page follow the Endorien Calendar.

After joining Corsaircraft when it still was in developement, he failed to stick in until the whole Endorien community was mobilised. Along with his team (Agentus_Endorin, Xtreme27, TheMineToad, MionaTheGreat, StaticSkizzles, GoatEggz, AttemptPending and xxNekoQueen) he started deploying an Endorien nation in the Nova Endoria continent.

After succesfully leading Endoria into the new world, he was betrayed and forced into Oblivion by pirates.

Upon his return, the Empire was fallen and the new nation of Aurelia was born from its ashes. HaloBearer changed their identity into that of Lord Morghulis, and started ruling the small Lordship of Eclipse Island with the aim of gaining economical power and influence in a world turned desolate.


From HaloBearer's journal

488 EE First Endorien Edict is issued. Volantis is established. Helped Agent retrieve minerals from a stranded situation... Words reached Endorien shores that Valyrian Freehold adopted an imperial form of government. The quarry in Volantos is operative.

489 EE MionaTheGreat joins. War against the spiders of Yucca begins. The first renovation of Volantis begins. uarehere, the priest and Neko join.

490 EE Building of the Town Hall of Volantis begins. Words reach Endorien shores that a barbarian illager invasion took place in the Valyrian Freehold. Many casualties occurred.

491 EE The Imperial Academy is now functional in its first floor. Balerion the Black Dread is now under construction. Construction of the Trade Centre begins.

492 EE Rook construction begins. Endorien colonies begin their activities in the new world, setting foot on Shroomsland and Cocoland.

493 EE Endorien Corsairs begin their activities in the Southrons Sea. Dock renovation begins. Schroomsland is colonised by Endorien corsairs, Hell's Reach is established. The Endorien Fleet begins its operations. The Endorien Empire officially claims the Southrons Sea and the Northern Approaches.

494 EE Navy offices begin their operation. Villager farms begin their operation. Rook dungeons digging begins.

497 EE SEE THE Age of Severance - TO DO

498 EE Endorien Trading Company is formed from banished Aurelian members. The Endorien banner raises again. Eclipse Island is chosen as rendez-vous for all survivors. Fortification begins, a new trading fleet starts being built. First Amberieux-Aeo trade routes are run. Relations with Italo-Austrian Trading Company end up in a 64 gold block investment on their behalf. I now ran for the first time the Amberieux-Aeo trade route with full load. Net gain of this first passage was approx 40 gold ingots. I now I embark on the journey back, which will take 6 days. I hope no hostiles are on the way.

500 EE All praise the longevity of Endorin! As we celebrate 500 years from the construction of Eclipse Castle, despite the hard hits rebels inflicted to the Empire, we survive. Each boat trip yields 50 gold ingots each, and brewery operations now begin in order to discover the mysterious Endorien Vodka. Enemies proved disrespectful of political frontiers and started grazing on lands claimed by our sovereignity: sand was stolen from the Sand Island by NotAWeirdGuy.

From Lord Morghulis' journal

515 EE - 04/08/22 Building of the Twilight Palace begins.


HaloBearer used to sail Balerion the Black Dread, recovering it multiple times from pirates but eventually seeing it seized by the Valyrian Freehold. It is still unknown wether they shall be able of sailing their beloved ship again.

Lord Morghulis currently sails EF Pong, a small frigate, 600 blocks large and equipped with 7 cannons.