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Lord m0th

Lightkeeper of the Barren Cove

Disciple of the First Mycelium Order

Daughter of the Soil

Early Sightings

m0th is believed to have been born around the year of 1775, although it is significant to note that evidence to confirm this notion has not officially been found. Little seems to be known about her early life, and it is unclear whether this withholding of information is deliberate. Her first public sighting in the world of ... took place in the year 1799, when she and her companion Nico Semsrott were discovered by Gioacchino Murat, the two of them seemingly wandering the wilds in a disoriented fashion.

Gioacchino Murat welcomed them to the Valyrian Empire, showing them great generosity and kindness by granting room and board, allowing their first interaction with civilisation to be gentle- spirited.

The First Mycelium Order

Despite the shortage of information available on m0th's origins, she is clearly shown to be associated with a religious sect, or cult, named The First Mycelium Order. Although vague, she and her sister- in- soil Nico Semsrott's roots are somehow connected to this cult. Most of their critical actions and the inspiration to their presence seems to be largely influenced by so called "Underlords". Their guild is tightly interwoven with this cult, with imagery and other expressions of mushrooms, and mycelium paraphernalia. It is believed that certain gaps in their early lives are in part ascribed to this sect. One might ruminate on their vague titles, as daughters of the soil; it is important to note that no official statements have been made in regards to their involvement with the origins of this cult.

Nico Semsrott

Lord Michael Briggs