ENS Mercatore

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The ENS Mercatore docked in the harbour of Segalond

The ENS Mercatore is a 5000 Block Clipper (piloted as a SeaFreighter) build by Mercatore Paurini in the Harbour of Segalond in August of 1799. Since the theft of the ENS Paurini it has been the Flagship of the Esacarian Navy.


The ENS Mercatore is a 5000 block 3-masted clipper with two cargo bays. It is designed as a cargo ship with minimal weaponry.

Service History

Since it's Constrution the ship has been used mainly for trade runs to the nearby Guilds.


The ENS Mercatore has never been under attack


The Design of the ENS Mercatore was partly based on the real-life Clipper "Cutty Sark"