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Cities, Settlements, and more

Independent Settlements


Amberieux is a independent city outside the control of the Guilds.

Valyrian Freehold Settlememts


Meereen is the largest independant city of the CorsairCraft world. It serves the Capital of the Valyrian Freehold and houses most of its vast population. It is situated on Aimera, the large continent at the center of the known world, to the north-west of the imperial trade hub Amberieux.


Katzenburg is the main port of the Valyrian Freehold. It sits on the western side of Aimera towards the West Seas.

United Alethkar Settlements


Raynir is a Fortress City located in the West Seas.


Andelin is a Town located in the southern West Seas


Tyrosh is a town located in the Southron Sea.

Republic of Escaria Settlements


Segalond is a City located in the West Seas on Seagull Island. It also makes up the Province of Segalond within the Republic of Escaria. Segalond was founded and built by FearMyFeedEU.


Euthlond is the capital of the Republic of Escaria. It is located on a Archipelago of Tropical Islands in the West Seas.


Cresta is a small Escarian Trading post on the western edge of the Southron Sea. It serves as a link between the major population centers of the Southron Sea and West Seas.

Other Settlements

Eclipse Island

Eclipse Island is an Island in the Southron Sea and home of Lord Morghulis


Volantis is city in the south-east of the known world on the coast of the Southron Sea. It has a rich history, being built by HaloBearer during his time in the Endorien Empire. Afterwards, it was under the control of the Aurelian Empire.

Barren Cove

Barren Cove is a tropical archipelago currently under the rule of the Kingdom of Shroom, located to the West of Aimera in the West Seas. It currently serves as the capital of the Shroomians, containing the seat of the Shroomian government body, the Mycelium Triumvirate in the Spore Hall.

Port Avilicia

Port Avilicia is a town in the western Southrons Sea and the capital of the PortAvilicaTradingCompany

New Eden

To the Southwest of the Imperial city of Amberieux lies a small island. Seemingly unimportant to most travelers, the land was seized by a religious sect calling themselves The God Hand. This group gradually began building up the island, though they made sure to preserve it's natural beauty. The island is now known as New Eden to the sect, who protect it's beauty with their lives, believing it to be Holy ground. Not much is known of what lies inland, past the landform's beaches and cliffs...