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In 1706, an age where the British Empire was expanding its grasp across the globe, an unprecedented phenomenon occurred. An enormous portal appeared mysteriously in the ocean near the Americas. Sensing an opportunity to explore fresh territories brimming with potential, the Empire redirected massive resources towards this anomaly.

The portal led to a new world, an uncharted realm full of magic and wonder, a stark contrast to their terrestrial homeland. News of this new world spread across the Empire, drawing not only explorers and soldiers but also the lawless elements seeking escape - the pirates. However, a mere five years after the portal's appearance, it disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived, severing the connection to Earth forever.

Isolated from their original home, the settlers began to shape their new world. Taking a leaf from Earth's history, the settlers quickly formed factions. The former members of British military, who formed the backbone of the initial exploratory crew, established the Iron Hold - a faction upholding the disciplined laws and customs of the Earth. The pirates, ever seeking a life outside the law, began the Wavebreakers, a faction throwing old world rules to the wind. The settlers who chose peaceful coexistence with the indigenous populace established the Emerald Enclave. Lastly, a power-hungry faction emerged, consisting mainly of merchants and ex-slaves, known as the Scarlet Consortium, creating intricate networks of spies and trade alliances.

Life in this new realm dramatically diverged from Earth, as civilizations began integrating magic with daily life. Technological advancements, spurred by easily accessible magical artifacts and creatures, opened an era of prosperity unseen on Earth. Airships, powered by an artful combination of science and sorcery, graced the skies. Enchanted armor and weaponry became as common as traditional garments. However, this prosperity did not cure the sinful ways of humankind. The indigenous population of villagers, found themselves subjugated into slave labor.

Attempts to reconnect with Earth led to the discovery of inter-dimensional portals within the new world itself. These portals, unlike the original portal, were prone to instability, leading to different realms and dimensions each time. Knowledge about the paths these portals led to became incredibly valuable, given the risk of stranding travelers in dangerous dimensions. Similarly, portals that appeared in many locations around Earth, unbeknownst to the British Empire, also linked to their distinct dimensions.

The world saw the rise and fall of powers, wars erupting over resources and control, alliances formed and broken, and civilizations expanding into unknown territories. The unique history of each faction shaped the world, from the ironclad discipline of the Iron Hold, the free spirit of the Wavebreakers, the harmonious balance of the Emerald Enclave, to the ambitious trade networks of the Scarlet Consortium.

There remained a ray of hope in the new world, built upon resilience and replete with the magic inherent in the realms - the colorful city of Amberiux. This city, formed from various shades of clay, lay as a testament to neutrality and peaceful coexistence amidst the turmoil of factional disputes.

As the generations progressed, the settlers from Earth gradually become inhabitants of their new world, crafting their distinct narrative, a saga of resilience and adaptation in the face of uncertainty. The story of this strange world continues to unfold - a testament to human spirit and its endless voyage into the unknown.