Getting Started

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Welcome to CorsairCraft! This is the New Player’s Guide. Do not be afraid to ask questions in the Discord. Other players or staff members should be able to help clear up any confusion.

The Setting

You have just found yourself in the city of Amberieux, an imperial trade hub. You are free to roam around the city or leave it and make your own adventure.

First steps

  • First, join the Discord.
  • Run the /map here command to open the map.
  • After you are done exploring the city, you can either leave on foot or run the /rtp command to teleport to the wilds.
  • You can run /kit newbie to redeem your newbie kit. Keep in mind that you can only use it once every 8 hours and you can *not* teleport with items in your inventory. Choose wisely when to use it.
  • Once you find a place to settle, use the /discord link command to link your Discord account to your in-game account. You will receive 5 keys to use on the reward enderchest chest.