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What they are:

Cannons are multi-block structures in this server that you can use to fight players and vehicles alike. There are many different types of cannons, as they each serve a purpose. Some cannons are to combat players, while others may be used to combat vehicles. Cannons take up ammunition as well, and some cannons may share ammunition between them.

How to read the images:

  • Repeater:
- If you see a repeater in the image, this means you can have a redstone wire or repeater there to power and reload the cannon. This is non-directional, meaning you do not need the repeaters to face a certain way.
  • Redstone Torch:
- If you see a redstone torch in the image, this is a redstone torch that can be activated to fire the gun as well. Do take caution, redstone torches do not rapid 5hz clocks. This property is explained here
  • Brown Glass:
- Brown glass in the image represents where a sign or chest can be placed. Signs can tell you which angle the cannon is pointing it, and chests are used to store ammo that the cannon can take from.
  • Direction:
- The cannon always points towards the bottom left-corner of the map. Keep this in mind, as this will be referenced to address any components that may be hidden.
  • Other notes:
- If for any reason a part of the cannon is blocked, there will be a description that would detail where the hidden blocks are and where it is located. Keep in mind that this is potentially arbitrary due to a potential inaptitude of the author's English so please ask around if you are confused.

The list of cannons: