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Here you will find a list of rules of CorsairCraft.

Be nice

Be nice to fellow server members, excessive toxicity will not be tolerated. Remember that we are all playing a video game. Do not make references to controversial and/or political real-life events. Do not harass or act excessively rude towards anyone, do not make fun of anyone's real-life characteristics, do not stalk anyone. Keep the public chat kids friendly, they occasionally play here as well. Do not weaponize identity politics or make jokes about it. Don't spam. Do not bypass in-game filter unless there is an obvious false positive.

Don't hack

Don't use hacks, bots, or glitches and mods that give you unfair advantage over other players. Do not create machines specifically designed to lag the server. Report any fellow guild members for hacking as anyone found to indirectly benefit from hacking will face repercussions (asset seizures and bans if it was done knowingly).

Don't exploit game mechanics

Use your common sense, if something seems like it shouldn't be allowed it most likely isn't!

  • Do not use player radar in minimaps. Any minimap that display players who are not visible on dynmap is not allowed.
  • Do not intentionally merge ships to claims or ships on claims.
  • Do not use /w for moving items across large distances, especially for raiding.
  • Do not abuse the ship system to trigger redstone devices on claims.
  • Do not use schematica/litematica or other mods (e.g. replay) on other people's claims without their express permission.
  • Do not repeatedly spawn kill or setup lava lakes / other traps under people's homes (logout points are fine).
  • Do not grief unclaimed terrain or excessively grief somebody else's builds (even if unclaimed).
  • Do not lavacast anywhere.
  • Do not build sky bridges, or bridges across the ocean.
  • Administration reserves the right to worldedit unclaimed builds out of existence.

Responsible Disclosure

The administration recognizes the value of bug&exploit reports and will reward any previously unknown issues proportional to their severity. You may discuss with the administration whether you are allowed to temporarily use certain hacking clients and publicly known exploits under supervision in order to verify that they do not work. If you find a working exploit or a glitch, you must immediately cease using it and notify the administration in some way. If you are unable to create a ticket on Discord, run a /report command in-game.


This list is not intended to be a full and final list of every existing rule. The staff team reserves the right to judge each case individually and punish or forgive at their discretion. Rules can change at any time. These rules apply to all areas including Discord (where applicable). Follow direct orders from administration. Do not try to exploit loopholes in the rules, rules will be interpreted broadly by the administration.