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Claims can be created by placing down a protection beacon item.

The recipe is

GGG    G = Glass
GDG    D = Diamond
OOO    O = Obsidian

Experience bottles can be obtained by using a glass bottle against an enchanting table.

Each protection beacon consumes energy as it is working. Current energy level can be either found by running /pb or by opening the protection beacon GUI by right-clicking on it.

By default only trusted people on the claim can break or place blocks on the claim. There is an option to increase the level of protection by toggling protection flags:

  • No interaction - no containers, buttons or levers
  • No grief - no building or breaking blocks
  • No mobs - no natural mob spawn
  • No PvP - no PvP (extremely expensive)
  • No explosions - no explosions (extremely expensive)

Each trusted player has fine-grained permissions as well.

Unless the "No explosion damage" flag is toggled, any block on a claim can be destroyed with a Breaching Charge. Water, Lava, or Obsidian do not protect from a Breaching Charge.

Breaching Charge recipe:

IGI     I = Iron Block
GDG     G = Gunpowder
IGI     D = Diamond Block

Claim Details

1. Claims are used to protect builds/chests/items.

2. Place a protection beacon (pb) down and click it to access the claim beacon interface.

3. You will see four options: Permissions, Energy, Tools, Protection

  • The first option is Protection (playerhead). It controls what permissions will be allowed on the claim.
  • The second option is Energy (magma cream). It is for controlling how much power your claim has remaining. Click the magma to place energy in the beacon and power the claim. Place ore (diamonds, gold, coal, etc) in the magma’s inventory to add power. You can hover over the magma to see the stats of your claim.
  • The third option is the Tools section. Here, you select which tool you need (claim shovel, subclaim shovel) by crafting a golden shovel and clicking the respective tool.
  • The fourth option is the Protection (shield) icon. This is similar to the first option (permissions), except that it focuses on Protection aspects, such as no mob spawning, no PvP, grief prevention, etc. If a permission is

ON, aka currently active and protecting the beacon, it will be labeled enabled. If it is not on, it will be labeled disabled.

   Example: if PvP Protection is labeled "Disabled", then PvP is **allowed** in the claim. 

4. You can expand a claim in two ways:

  • Stand within the claim (on top of the beacon if you have not expanded it at all) and type /pb resize (#) facing the direction you want to expand. To retract the claim size, do /pb resize (-#).
    Example: /pb resize 10; /pb resize -10
  • Another option is using a claim shovel. Craft a golden shovel, then enter the protection beacon interface. Click on Tools (golden shovel in the interface) and then click on “Claim shovel”. It will change your shovel into a

claim shovel. Then, use the claim shovel to click the corners of your intended claim area.

5. You must keep your beacon powered with ore in order to keep the area claimed. The larger the claim gets, the more it will take to power it; however, once you reach 40 days, the overall daily consumption goes down.

6. To check claim stats, stand within the claim and do /pb

7. To add players to your claim, do /pb trust (name)

8. To fulltrust players to your claim (give them admin of the claim), do /pb fulltrust (name)


  • Subclaims are smaller claims within a larger claim, used to separate buildings/locations. If you have one central claim for a city, for example, and want the people in your Guild to have access to only certain buildings, you can subclaim the buildings you want them to have access to and give them specific permission to said buildings.

1. You first need a subclaim shovel. Craft a golden shovel and then open the protection beacon interface. Navigate to the golden shovel option, "Tools", and click on Template: Subdivision Tool. This will change your golden shovel into a subdivision shovel.

2. Holding the shovel, type /pb subclaim create (name). This will create a subclaim for you to edit.

   Example: /pb subclaim create House 

3. Still holding the shovel, go to the location you want to subclaim. Type /pb subclaim manage (name).

   Example: /pb subclaim manage House 

4. After you have run the command, continue holding the shovel and press "F" to cycle through the options for subclaiming. The options are as follows:

  • Mode: Add blocks by walking.
  • Mode: Remove blocks by walking.
  • Mode: Add cuboid by right-clicking.
  • Mode: Remove cuboid by right-clicking.
  • Mode: Disabled.

5. After choosing your mode, claim the building based on the mode; if you chose walking, walk around the building. If you chose by cuboid, you must click one corner of the building and then the adjacent corner.

  • Note: If you choose subclaim by cuboid, you must do this in a 3D manner; for example: if you click the ground-level corner of a house, you must then click the adjacent corner at the max height of the house in order to have the subclaim cover the entirety of the build rather than simply ground level.

6. Once you have chosen your subclaim size, type /pb subclaim commit.

7. To trust others to the claim, run the command /pb subclaim trust (name of claim) (name of player).

   Example: /pb subclaim trust House CreatingWithKass 

8. To see a list of all your subclaims, do /pb subclaim list.

9. To add specific permissions to a subclaim, do /pb subclaim permission (subclaim name) (player you want to give permissions to) (permission)

   Example: /pb subclaim permission House Sir_Puss build

10. To remove a subclaim, do /pb subclaim remove (subclaim name).

   Example: /pb subclaim remove House